During the Year 2000 Sydney Games

a local Pastor prayed on site.
He continues to pray for a fulfillment of Isaiah 61
     for men recovering from csa.

Isaiah 61 speaks of an annointed one ( Jesus Christ)
  who heals the broken hearted
  and sets the captives free.            

he prayed for male survivors of child sexual abuse
and continues to do so.

he prayed for a release of steps of recovery.

he had been praying about it since he recovered his memory
of being molested by a teacher in high school.
by September 2000 he had recorded a set of steps to recovery.

the foundational step was overcomming denial.
(the email there is outdated)

and praying for
the correct means of removing the sword of abuse from csa.  and the application of God's healing balm.
as that which the sword cut must be stitched and healed
he felt he had been going through life with not only the sword in me but that it was protuding and whilst no one cut off the protuding part nor surgically removed the sword. 
warning:  its an insight. may assist understanding and management of post csa but the means of its removal is unclear.
Living Waters suggest forgiveness melts the sword
and heals the damage, that would need testing and wisdom.

CSA is characterised by fear
an often parallelising fear.

Faith is not the antidote to fear.

LOVE casts out fear.

I want to dedicate this page to Robbie.

Please read his blog, Robbie's story
and watch Robbie's videos on you tube.
before using the back button on your tool bar
to return and explore paths, processes and steps
of recovery from csa here.

      This site complements my earlier sites:

God Restores Mens Lives

     Seven Steps for Recovery from CSA

Men Opening Hearts to Jesus


Words that damaged and words which heal.


The interlocking sites are designed to accommodate  the many stages of recovery
and diversity between survivors.

there is an inclusion of links to internal sites and  external resources throughout the sites.

So why detraumatisation?  (copyright)

At this stage of my recovery
and asking "What is the common factor between csa recovery
and the grieving process?"
I felt trauma is the significant issue needing to be explored.
but as my aim is not only to understand problems
but to  prayerfully search out
and trust God to reveal solutions
I felt to name the site  detraumatisation.com.

The tool bar at the top of this page has links to some aspects of

I want to further research this aspect of recovery.

 a google search suggested retraumatisation.
however that is a related but  different possable recovery process.
Whilst I have had experiences of being retraumatised and re-living
the csa (Child Sexual abuse) inflicted on me.
I need to warn against it without proper supervision,
self discipline not to self harm in any way
with loads of support.
When I allowed myself to re-live csa to let my memory flow I was:
  • receiving councelling
  • on at least one Forum
  • able to ring 24/7 telephone councelling and support
  • very prayerful and trusting God's strength.
Detraumatisation is being released from trauma
                                                                post traumatic stress.

I have been blessed with times of prayer where God Himself lifted the stress.
over and over again.
my healing is gradual
step by step.

Reading the Psalms are increadably encouraging.

eg in Psalm 23 "He restores my soul"

I am finding many passages in Isaiah ( roughly chapter 40 - 63)
        have so many relevant verses and themes.

see link on top tool bar    Isaiah  61.
       Healing the Broken Hearted
       Setting the captives free.

so I pray that what I have written so far is encouraging and helpful
please come back soon for updates.